Glitter Litter is bubblegum glampuNk, consisting of Andreas, sounding like a cross between Ramones and Bay City Rollers. Links to music below.  CD is now available! Mail for info

New single (april 16th) "Invisible Girl Power"!!

The single "The 51st time"

"Each of the five tracks on the album exudes a sense of rebellion and fun. This band is a must-listen for any punk enthusiast looking for a fresh and authentic take on classic bubblegumpunk." Read the complete review of "Hits for heart" in Punkrockmag.

"Getting my glitter bubblegum punk fix feels so good. Now you should get yours!" Read the complete review of "Hits for the heart" in Veglam. 

Review of the single "The 51st time" in New Noise Magazine: "The 51st Time” is an infectiously, sugary, catchy pop-punk number with crisp hooks and beautiful melodies that are given a bit more punk energy by simple virtue of the vocals having a snotty, punk attitude." Click here for the full review.

Hits for the heart Let's runaway Candy heart
Hits for the heart Banana split blues Candy heart